Friday, September 01, 2006

little late with jesse pintado

Terrorizer Guitarist Jesse Pintado Dies

Less than a week after the release of Terrorizer's first CD since 1989, ex-Napalm Death guitarist Jesse Pintado has died. His record label issued the following brief announcement: "Guitarist Jesse Pintado (Terrorizer, ex-Napalm Death) died over the weekend in a hospital in Holland. A pioneer in our musical genre, Jesse and his influential sound will be sorely missed. Century Media Records would like to offer our most sincere condolences to his family and friends, and will make a further announcement later in the week."

Grieving fans have been leaving their condolences at Terrorizer's MySpace Page.

Some of Pintado's former Napalm Death bandmates have also commented on his passing at Napalm Death's Official Site. Barney Greenway said, “I am sitting here still really trying to take in what has happened with Jesse. We were in Bulgaria playing at the time when it seems to have happened, and communications were a little off our radar. I don’t really want to dissect things too much because I’m conscious of how Jesse’s family must be feeling right now – simply to say that I’m sad and also disappointed that Jesse wasn’t able to fully lift himself again and re-discover his hunger with Terrorizer. RIP amigo.”

(photo courtesy Century Media)

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