Thursday, February 05, 2009

friday's washed up and used douche would be....

nancy wilson!!

A recent interview with Nancy Wilson of Heart began with the topic of politics. Probably something that a lot of us have heard enough of for a while, but Wilson seemed willing to talk about the well-publicized flap regarding the McCain campaign’s use of Heart’s hit song “Barracuda” when asked.

Although at the time there seemed to be some uncertainly about whether they had the right to use the song at a campaign event, Wilson admits that “…it’s in the rule books they’re allowed to do that. We just thought we’d have our say because it’s America and we can do that here.”

translated....."we just wanted attention from the liberal media for attacking sarah palin,even though we knew the gop had paid for the rights to use it....we needed to make more money to feed me and especially my sister"....

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