Saturday, January 10, 2009

todays daily douche....

our second female douchebag....
andrea mitchell!!

ROSE: You have covered the Congress well. You have covered the White House well. You have covered foreign policy well. You are a part of the Washington community, saying -- rather than Washington establishment. Tell where your passion is these days? What is the story that turns you on the most?

MITCHELL: Well, I think with a lot of people, it is to see this new president. These are historic times in Washington, and you don’t have to be a supporter or a critic to be fascinated, just as someone who is a journalist and a student of history, by what will this young president, African-American, with experience around the world, with a different set of experiences, and his team, and it is a meritocracy -- you’re seeing an extraordinary group of very large figures coming into play here -- what are they going to do with all the challenges that they face? We have never in my lifetime faced economic crises such as these, and opportunities.

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