Friday, January 30, 2009

david wells is classier than joe"i am an ungrateful bitch" torre

bet you never thought you'd read that...

Wells comments on Torre's book
Former Yankee said his former manager broke clubhouse etiquette

By Doug Miller /

David Wells is the latest former Yankee to respond to comments made by Joe Torre in the former Yankees manager's upcoming book.

According to the Associated Press, the outspoken left-hander, in a Tampa radio interview that was aired on "The Mason & Ireland Show" 710-AM ESPN Radio in Los Angeles, said he took offense to the line: "The difference between Kevin Brown and David Wells is that both make your life miserable, but David Wells meant to."

"I'm kind of like blown away because of the fact that he's coming out and he's bashing," Wells said, referring to the recently revealed text of "The Yankee Years," co-written by current Los Angeles Dodgers manager Torre and Sports Illustrated writer Tom Verducci.

"I found out last night that he was bashing me and Kevin Brown. He bashed Kevin Brown as a player, when he said he tried to make his life miserable. Nobody tries to make anybody's life miserable out there on the diamond. You're there for one reason and one reason only, and that's to win.

"If I was trying to make his life miserable," Wells continued, "I would have succeeded. ... If he had that many problems with those guys, why didn't he face them while they were there?"

Wells said he hasn't read the book but will likely purchase a copy when it comes out next week. But he did say he can already tell that Torre broke a time-honored clubhouse rule.

"What we do as athletes, that's our problem, our business, and a lot of guys have come out and destroyed that," Wells said. "That's why they don't have any friends. You just don't do that, and that's what Joe did. When you break the code, you're a punk."

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