Saturday, November 29, 2008

top ten covers from metal hammer's staff...

some excellent choices...

Metal Hammer Staff Top Ten: Cover Versions

It’s Top Ten time and this week the Metal Hammer Staff are revealing their top ten cover versions. As always, no more than one band per entry (the band doing the cover that is) and it’s not genre specific. Add your own suggestions in our comments section.

Alexander Milas (editor)
Metallica - ‘Am I Evil?’
Revolting Cocks - ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy’
Van Halen - ‘You Really Got Me’
Infectious Grooves - ‘Immmigrant Song’
Celtic Frost - ‘Mexican Radio’
Foo Fighters - ‘Baker Street’
Type O Negative - ‘Cinnamon Girl’
Trouble - ‘Children Of The Grave’
Anthrax - ‘Antisocial’
Black Crowes - ‘Hard To Handle’

Caren Gibson (deputy editor)
Jimi Hendrix - ‘All Along The Watchtower’
Kyuss - ‘Into The Void’
Faith No More - ‘War Pigs’
Machine Head - ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’
Killswitch Engage - ‘Holy Diver’
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - ‘War’
White Zombie - ‘Children Of The Grave’
Pantera - ‘Planet Caravan’
The Lovemongers - ‘Battle Of Evermore’
Kill II This - ‘Two Tribes’

Vanessa Hards (production editor)
Sepultura - ‘Procreation (Of The Wicked)’
Metallica - ‘Breadfan’
Marilyn Manson - ‘Sweet Dreams’
Ministry - ‘Roadhouse Blues’
Orgy - ‘Blue Monday’
Fear Factory - ‘Cars’
Johnny Cash - ‘Hurt’
Clutch - ‘Money’
Killswitch Engage - ‘Holy Diver’
Machine Head - ‘Battery’

James Gill (editor at large)
HIM - ‘Wicked Game’
Clutch - ‘Money’
The Wildhearts - ‘Theme From Cheers’
Atreyu - ‘You Give Love A Bad Name’
Killswitch Engage - ‘Holy Diver’
The Revolting Cocks - ‘Supernaut’
KMFDM - ‘Get It On’
Razed In Black - ‘Sin’
The Cardigans - ‘Iron Man’
Skid Row - ‘Children Of The Damned’

Jonathan Selzer (reviews editor)
World Of Skin - ‘Cry Me A River’
Swans - ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’
Laibach - ‘One Vision’
The Young Gods - ‘September Song’
This Mortal Coil - ‘Song To The Siren’
Nanaco - ‘Woodstock’
Loop - ‘Mother Sky
Diamanda Galas - ‘Gloomy Sunday’
Rotting Christ - ‘Lucifer Over London’
Death - ‘Painkiller’

James Isaacs (art editor)
Clutch - ‘Money’
Killswitch Engage - ‘Holy Diver’
Skid Row - ‘Little Wing’
Weedeater - ‘Gimme Back My Bullets’
Orange Goblin - ‘Just Got Paid’
Mastodon - ‘Emerald’
Melvins - ‘Going Blind’
The Bronx - ‘Los Angeles’
Deftones - ‘The Chauffeur’
Alabama Thunderpussy - ‘Man On The Silver Mountain’

Kimberley Tarry (designer)
HIM - ‘Wicked Game’
Marilyn Manson - ‘Sweet Dreams’
Faith No more - ‘Easy’
Pantera - ‘Planet Caravan’
Guns N Roses - ‘Live and Let Die’
Metallica - ‘Mercyful Fate’
Murder Dolls - ‘White Wedding’
Killswitch Engage - ‘Holy Diver’
Johnny Cash - ‘Hurt’
Cradle Of Filth - ‘Temptation’

Terry Bezer (web monkey)
Metallica - ‘Blitzkrieg’
Dropkick Murphys - ‘Fields Of Athenry’
Kiss - ‘Do You Remember Rock N’ Roll Radio?’
Black Label Society - ‘No More Tears’
Pantera - ‘Cat Scratch Fever’
The Wildhearts - ‘Theme From Cheers’
Social Distortion - ‘Making Believe’
Tina Turner - ‘Proud Mary’
Faith No More - ‘Easy’
Thin Lizzy - ‘Rosalie’