Saturday, June 23, 2007

el presidente bush...could he be more clueless?

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WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush urged lawmakers Saturday to "summon the political courage" to support his top domestic priority, an immigration overhaul that is hanging by a thread in Congress.

"We have an obligation to solve problems that have been piling up for decades," Bush said in his weekly radio address. "The status quo is unacceptable."

A fragile bipartisan compromise on immigration known as the "grand bargain" is due to come back before the Senate as early as next week. After critics sidelined the bill two weeks ago, it is being considered under an agreement to allow votes on a limited number of amendments from both Democrats and Republicans.

The measure would tighten borders and workplace enforcement, create a new guest worker program and provide pathways to legal status for most of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the country.

With 19 months left in Bush's presidency, some see immigration reform as his last hope for a major domestic achievement, and Bush himself has made clear it is his main legislative priority for the year. The Democrats who won control of Congress in November also want to demonstrate that they can produce results on a problem of concern to many Americans.

But the issue splits the Republican Party.

Many business groups, hungry to fill low-wage jobs, support the bill, while many social conservatives have pronounced it unacceptable, calling it amnesty for illegal immigrants.

So the legislation's backers—including Bush—fear that any radical changes to the compromise would derail its already tenuous chances of getting through Congress. The House has yet to draft its version.

As an incentive for those who are skeptical about the government's ability to carry out the legislation's enforcement provisions, Bush publicly signed onto a plan for $4.4 billion in immediate funding for border security and workplace enforcement. The accelerated funding would be paid back by new fines and fees for illegal immigrants in the bill.

In his radio address, Bush stressed the bill's many enforcement provisions, which must be in place before the temporary worker program or new route for legal status becomes operational.

He also noted that, under the bill, people caught crossing the border illegally will be permanently barred from returning to the United States on a work or tourist visa, those known to have taken part in illegal gang activity can be denied admission and aliens who are dangerous criminals can be detained until another country accepts them.

"I understand that many Americans have concerns about immigration reform—especially about the federal government's ability to secure the border," Bush said. "So this bill puts the enforcement tools in place first."

But the president also argued that stepped-up enforcement will not by itself solve the problem of illegal immigration. Taking "pressure off the border" with a guest worker program also is crucial, he said.

"I urge members of both parties to support comprehensive immigration reform," Bush said.


Call your Congressmen and Senators. Tell them you do not support the Senate's "bipartisan immigration reform bill." Tell them you will not vote to reelect anyone who ties the issues of border enforcement and legalization together in one bill. Border enforcement first! When we as Americans verify over a number of years that this has been done, we can consider plans for those who have lived here illegally for several years.

Below is the list of 15 GOP senators that the amnesty pushers want to flip to their side (asterisked senators are up for re-election in 2008)

* * Alexander (R-TN)
* Bennett (R-UT)
* * Cochran (R-MS)
* * Coleman (R-MN)
* * Collins (R-ME)
* * Craig (R-ID)
* * Domenici (R-NM)
* Gregg (R-NH)
* Hatch (R-UT)
* Kyl (R-AZ)
* Lott (R-MS)
* * McConnell (R-KY)
* Murkowski (R-AK)
* * Smith (R-OR)
* Snowe (R-ME)
* Stevens (R-AK)
* * Warner (R-VA)

Friday, June 22, 2007

this day in history...

1944 : FDR signs G.I. Bill
1611 : Hudson set adrift by mutineers
1937 : Louis becomes champ
1945 : Battle of Okinawa ends

American Revolution
1775 : Congress issues Continental currency

1934 : Porsche builds prototypes

Civil War
1864 : Lee strikes back at Petersburg

Cold War
1989 : Cease-fire established in Angolan civil war

2006 : Jury selection begins in Andrea Yates retrial

1962 : Mysterious crash in Guadeloupe

1965 : David O. Selznick dies
1966 : Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? released
1969 : Judy Garland dies

1906 : Anne Morrow Lindbergh is born

Old West
1876 : General Santa Anna dies in Mexico City

1944 : FDR signs GI bill

Vietnam War
1971 : South Vietnamese fight for Fire Base Fuller
1972 : New troops sent to An Loc

Wall Street
1775 : Continental currency hits the streets

World War I
1898 : Erich Maria Remarque born

World War II
1941 : Germany launches Operation Barbarossa--the invasion of Russia

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The End Is Nifong

right again,Anne!

June 20, 2007

There is nothing so dangerous as a Southern liberal hoping to be invited to a Graydon Carter party.

As is now well-known, Durham prosecutor Mike Nifong falsely accused three white Duke lacrosse players of gang-raping a stripper, even as evidence piled up proving it never happened. In the weeks after an unstable stripper — or, since this is not a Hollywood movie, "a stripper" — accused the players of rape, Nifong stated on national TV: "I am convinced that there was a rape." He called the players "hooligans," contemptuously sneering that their "daddies could buy them expensive lawyers."

Envy is an emotion well-known for producing model behavior.

Revealing his own motives, Nifong said defense attorneys for the non-indicted players "were almost disappointed that their clients didn't get indicted so they could be a part of this spectacle here in Durham." Hello, Vanity Fair? Did you see where I talked about their "daddies"?

The Arianna Huffington of the legal profession might still have made his star turn at a Vanity Fair party, but for the fortuity of the defense lawyers discovering that he had tried to hide DNA evidence from the defendants, revealing that the stripper, Crystal Gail Mangum, had the DNA of four different men in or on her person, including the driver who took her to stripping gigs and enough other men to bring a class-action suit against her.

None of the DNA matched any Duke lacrosse players, who are starting to look like the only adult males in the Durham area who haven't had sex with Mangum.

Nifong has tried to portray himself as simply making "mistakes." This is absurd. Not even a half-wit like Nifong could have believed "something happened in that bathroom," as he said during his disbarment hearing last weekend. He was willing to send three innocent men to prison to improve his electoral viability in a heavily black district and to become a liberal hero in Manhattan salons.

Admittedly, Nifong studiously refused to take a peek at the evidence. On March 29, 2006, he told reporters he knew a rape had occurred based on — I quote — "my reading of the report of the emergency-room nurse." That report was not given to the police until April 5, 2006, making it the equivalent of the forged Nigerian letter Joe Wilson claims to have debunked eight months before it surfaced at the CIA.

But there were some facts even Nifong couldn't have missed.

He knew, for example, that the cab driver who picked up accused "rapist" Reade Seligmann had signed a sworn statement attesting to the fact that the accused was in his cab when the rape was allegedly taking place.

We know Nifong's office knew about the cab driver because the police soon picked him up on a 3-year-old shoplifting charge. The cabdriver claims that when the police came to arrest him, they asked "if I had anything new to say about the lacrosse case." When he said no, they arrested him. He was tried on the 3-year-old case and acquitted.

Nifong also knew that the second "exotic dancer" at the party called the rape allegation a "crock" and said she had been separated from Mangum for no more than five minutes all night. In other words, another stripper knew Mangum wasn't credible, but Nifong based his entire case on her — or rather on one version of her multiple stories.

We know Nifong knew about the second stripper's statement because his office was soon offering her favorable bail treatment for violating probation. She took the deal — and suddenly decided it was possible a rape had occurred.

Mangum had made similar accusations of gang rape 10 years earlier, but her own father denied it had happened and no charges were ever brought. We know Nifong knew about Mangum's prior false accusation because when he was asked about it, he responded: "All the facts are not yet known, and many of the so-called 'facts' that have been reported and commented on are simply wrong." As we now know, the only "wrong" facts circulating in the press were the ones Nifong had put there.

Nifong knew that Mangum made Tawana Brawley look like Billy Graham: She kept changing her story, altering the number of men who raped her, and was unable to identify her attackers.

Except one. Mangum confidently and repeatedly identified only one lacrosse player as one of her rapists: Brad Ross. Nifong knew this because Brad Ross promptly gave the police proof that he was at North Carolina State University with his girlfriend the night of the party.

This investigation wasn't a mistake — it was malice.

The media love to drone on about the explosive combination of "race and sex" — and they'll wait forever for a single non-hoax case to prove it! In fact, the truly explosive combination is "liberal" and "mediocrity."

Half-bright liberals think Hollywood fantasies are real life. And in Hollywood, conservatives like Rush Limbaugh are never fabulously rich and successful. Conservative Christians like Tom DeLay are never savvy, influential congressmen. And handsome boys from good families are never nice.

Nifong was supposed to look like Gregory Peck — not like Bob Wexler! But it's the lacrosse players who look like Gregory Peck.

Second-rate liberals who went to mediocre schools and married mediocre women are burning with jealousy from their nondescript, mediocre jobs. So they use their government jobs to attack their betters and sneer about the players' "daddies."

Like so much injustice in America, this whole sick spectacle was the revenge of the mediocre against the successful. Stupid and envious is a bad combo platter.

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