Saturday, January 07, 2006

really back!...

all that was posted earlier....well, i'm really back and i'm not trying to sound like a "blogger"...
president rice?... only if she can prove she's a REAL conservative...not liars and thieves like the bunch that's there now...w. bush... the conservative version of bye jiminys carter!...HELP!

yankees moves this off season....good and solid

saw heath ledger stuttering and stammering about his role in the gay epic BROKEBACK!!! he was trying to say the"work" in the movie came from a deep place that was so rewarding once he got's the place it came from....your movie roles have been crap since" The Patriot" in a gay movie about ANYTHING, and you will be a saint in hollywood... and just like magic!!! your rudderless career is back on track...

katie couric is just plain awful!...who said she was attractive?...she" looks like a modern art masterpiece..."

modern day saturday morning cartoons suck!

go colts!....go panthers!
will duke choke in the tourney again this year?...reddick appears to be a killer like hurley but williams ain't no laettner!